From Yoga teacher to Yoga carer

tree of yoga


Tree of Yoga tribute:

Thank you Mr Yoga, thank you for coming into my path, you challenge me every day, you make me a better person, you show me the way to do things I never think I could do, you give me energy even in my worst day, you help me connect with who I am and amazing life forms. You transform my reality into presence, love and trust vibration and realign my spirit. You boost my creativity.

Yesterday during a class I lead, I realised that I don’t want to be a teacher. I am an apprentice helper who is learning with his students.

I am a Yoga carer, that believe that’s the best part of our practice is learning, evolving, and the best thing about it, is that will never stopJ and this makes us very LuckyYogis.

Raising your energetic vibration – What is your technique?


Science has confirmed that has been part of spiritual life wisdom of many cultures for thousand years. That’s an unseen energy flows through and connects all living things.

Energy is all there is! Some energetic vibrations we are familiar such as sound, light, radio waves… From a scientific perspective, the only difference between these various forms of energy are their frequency, or rate of vibration.  We are also vibrating human beings, each of our cells, atom, particles are vibrating and form or electromagnetic field.  Dr Valerie V hunt was the first to detect and record the body’s high frequency energy field and the relationship between energy field disturbances, consciousness and disease.

When I was in Indian I learnt that the world’s oldest scripture, the Rig Veda, which is thought to date back 7000 years, was underlying a force from which all things are formed.

This force or energy has diverse names Qi (Chineses), Prana (India) or Life force. This means that all things are Prana or Life force. Like a hub on the wheel of life.

Prana – Breath of life if it’s stop in the human body life stops. Prana is the connecting energy of every energetic field.


When I took my first Yoga class I realised the power of the breathing as a revelation! As a knowledge that should be available to everyone. Coming back to our breath is coming back to us, to life itself. It’s a powerful healing technique. It can be used as training for a more present life, moment to moment, to learn about ourselves, or as a technique of meditation passive or active.

A Pranayama or breath exercise is connecting with the practice of Asanas or body exercises i (the 4e and 5e aspects of Yoga in the tree of Yoga, the Asanas are the branches and Pranayama the leaves. Asana is an Art so is Yoga and Pranayma is the vital energy that leads to creation and distribution of energy.

When practice together they can free the body from disease (disturbance of ease) and regulate the vibration of each cells and  even more raise their frequencies and prevent from and disturbances to the restoration of ease in the body and all around the Aura field as remember we are all connecting. Healing or raising your vibration will help others around.

I found for myself that practicing Yoga and Pranayama transformed my life, my body and my internal energy which was pretty law some years ago.

I decided to teach Yoga and use my hands for massage and healing purposes. In other words to practice what I found there and I didn’t know yet that my life would be transformed forever and that the road or the inner travel undertaking will be full of new information and lessons learnt and yet to be.


It doesn’t mean that is easy every day I must admit, but I choose Freedom from all things I thought I knew and dive deep in the unknown of self-discovery.

I would like to invite the readers to send articles, information, tips, advises, life experiences, about raising this energy and connecting it to higher purposes. Because they are a lot of path available to it as we are all the same and yet all different.

Please send your feedback and life experiences will great to share knowledge together and make 2015 the human being cooperation’s year.




Inhale 2014 Exhale 2015


Happy New Year!

Special Offer Therapies !!! Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew


imagesE6ZC3BCDDecember/January Only

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  • Improving power of concentration

  • Relaxing nervous system

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  • Balancing body energy

  • Helping with lymphatic system function

  • Preventing diseases

  • Advices on nutrition and healthy lifestyle


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Monday Asana – Thunder posture – VAJRASANA

Diseased or Dis-comfort, illnesses, pains can be safely healed or even better prevented with the help of Yoga Asana.

Yogic postures are both beneficial for body and mind.  Yoga postures and regulated breathing make you move in a controlled, regulated and disciplined manner and you are experiencing comfort and stillness inside.

The posture of the day the Thunder posture and it’s variation :  benefits of Yoga healing with Yoga benefits of Yoga healing with    Yoga    DIFFICULT THUNDER POSTER


strengthens and develops the nervous system of the body making the veins flexible yet tough.

This asana counters all sorts of back pain helping to keep the elasticity of the spine.

It is considered the best posture for healing diabetes.

It is good for pancreas, improving it’s function. The regular practice of this posture will balance the acid reaction in the stomach thus invigorating the whole of the body’s digestion system.


Especially stretching and strengthening the area around the waist.

It is most beneficial for those suffering from sciatica and gout.

And ladies if performed regularly, it will maintain the colour of your hair!

Keeping the breath regular, practice this posture cautiously and with perseverance the body’s alignments will soon loosen. Clench the fist and place them open the knees.  keep the arms straight with the neck and back erect. Practice 4 rounds thirty second each.

Stay wonderful, aim true !


January/December Pamper & Detox offers

Healing yoga massage 1

Healing yoga massage 2

Healing Yoga is offering amazing offers available December 2014 and January 2015

Wide range of Massage Therapies tailors made and suitable for all needs with great benefits:

  • Detoxifying and cleansing your body,
  • Improving circulation, joints mobility and immune system.
  • Relieving back , neck, shoulders, sciatica pains
  • Reducing depression and sleeping disorders.
  • Improving power of concentration.
  • Relaxing nervous system
  • Improving circulation.
  • Reducing stress and blood pressure
  • Improving skin and scalp conditions
  • Balancing body energy
  • Helping with lymphatic system function
  • Preventing diseases
  • Advices on nutrition and healthy lifestyle

**Organics and natural products only

Get a moment, a place for yourself  and reconnect with oneself!

Chair Massage available on premises 20 min exclusive treatment which incorporate

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Also Yoga classes available unique practice Power Core Yoga    

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” Yoga is a journey, let’s journey together”

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Living La Vida Yoga ॐ   Yoga as a lifestyle

 Yoga is currently the centre of attention for members of the media, scientists and medical workers, owing to its numerous benefits, which include improving outcomes for women overcoming breast cancer, reducing migraine and back-related pain, and helping mothers in high risk pregnancies achieve better outcomes for themselves and their babies.

Yoga has additionally been found to instigate the regression of atherosclerosis (the thickening of the artery walls), one of the most common causes of heart attack. For those who have been practicing yoga for many years, however, yoga is more than a practice; it is a lifestyle, as set out in the Yoga Sutra, which is often traced back to around 250CE and attributed to Patanjali.

Although Patanjali is often referred to as the ‘Father of Modern Yoga’, he may not have been the author of the Yoga Sutra, since it is not until the 10th century that this work is attributed to him. Regardless of authorship, the Yoga Sutra contains Eight Limbs, which are hailed as the foundation of the yoga lifestyle.

Yoga style of life

The Eight Limbs comprise:

 Yamas (‘restraints’): These represent our attitude towards our environment and other sentient beings.

There are five Yamas

  1. Ahimsa or compassion/non-violence:

    This Yama implies living our lives while attempting not to harm others, in our words, deeds and thoughts. Not only is violence towards others shunned; there is an inherent respect for all sentient things, which is why many fervent yogis also happen to be vegan.

    Veganism is seen as one of the ways be can be most compassionate to animals and to create positive energy in the world. This is specially true when we consider that the meat industry has changed drastically since the Yoga Sutra was written, and farming methods are much less conscionable than they were in the past. Moreover, by consuming meat from animals which have been overloaded with antibiotics and medications, we may be harming our health in the long run, as well as damaging the environment.

    It is vital, of course, that we also have compassion for ourselves, by ensuring we obtain all the nutrients we need. The vegan lifestyle, with its high quotient of phytonutrients, is packed with vitamins and minerals; Vitamin B12 is not found naturally in plants, though this can be overcome through supplementation or through the consumption of fortified foods. Other nutrients vegans may also need extra supplementation for include zinc, calcium, iron and Vitamin D.

Yoga sutra

  1. Satya or a commitment to honesty:

    The yoga lifestyle espoused the importance of speaking the truth without harming others. Honesty is required to build positive human, community and governmental relationships and should govern all our dealings and actions.

  2. Asteya or not stealing:

    This yama is self-explanatory: we cannot take what is not ours out of a mistaken sense of entitlement.

  3. Brahmacharya or sense control:

    This Yama implies the value of responsible sexual activity; of employing our sexuality to move towards truth. Sex should never be a vessel through which to harm others.

  4. Aparigraha or not being greedy: 

    The yoga lifestyle implies a commitment to spirituality, since excessive materialism and hoarding of wealth can steer us off the path to truth and harm others in an indirect manner.

Yoga as a lifestyle

II NIYAMA (Personal Observances):

I The Niyamas are rules by which we should live in order to live in a spiritual manner.

They include:

  1. Saucha or cleanliness: The aim is to clear the body of harmful toxins through asanas and pranayamas, but also to rid the mind of destructive thoughts and emotions like greed, hatred and vengefulness.

  2. Samtosa or contentment: We have the right to pursue contentment, so long as we do not hurt others in the process.

  3. Tapas or spiritual austerity: This Niyama refers to the importance of exercise and aiming our energy at our ultimate goal, which is being at one with the Divine.

  4. Svadhyaya or self study: Knowing ourselves helps us change the bad habits and destructive thoughts that can get in the way of progress-

  5. Isvara pranidhana or surrender to God: In everyday life, surrendering ourselves to God involves taking the time every day to realise that there are spiritual forces that guide our lives and the world at large; we are not the end, if not a small part of the greater Universe.


III Asanas: These are the postures we perform when doing yoga; they help us control body and mind and develop our ability to concentrate.

IV Pranayama: This involves controlling our breath to connect it with the mind and emotions.

V Pratyahara or sensory transcendence: This stage of the yoga lifestyle encourages us to rise above our senses and observe how our desires can interfere with physical or mental purity.

VI Dharana: This stage involves concentration on one single point, as a precursor to meditation.

VII Dhyana or meditation: Meditation is the constant flow of concentration. Meditation is vital for bringing our stress levels down and focusing ‘on the here and now’ rather than letting our worries and daily events prevent us from reaching true happiness.

VIII Samadhi: This is the state of ecstasy, when we transcend the self and become at one with the Divine. It is the ultimate reward of adopting a lifestyle that enriches the world we are born into, rather than destroying it.

Author Jenni Byers



Yoga as a lifestyle 3

 Yoga as a lifestyle 4

Yoga Can Detox Your Life

Detox Yoga - Physical benefits of Yoga - Yoga and addictions






Creating a Healthy Mindset

People take up yoga for many different reasons, from wanting to keep fit to trying to improve balance in later life. The physical benefits of yoga have been proven again and again. Yoga can help to improve posture and balance, to strengthen bones, and even to help prevent problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and lower back pain. However, the impact of practicing yoga often goes far beyond these direct benefits. Yoga can also change our attitudes, inspiring us with the intention to live a healthier lifestyle.
When you start to improve your health by practicing yoga, the benefits that you experience will often go beyond these more obvious physical effects. It is often the case that making one change or decision in our lives can help us to learn about ourselves and to make others, and when that first change is a positive one, the following changes will also tend to be beneficial. For example, when we start to exercise more, our bodies will often start to crave a healthier diet, which can make us start looking for ways to prepare more nutritious meals. Improving our health through yoga can therefore inspire us to make other positive changes, such as choosing a healthier diet, complementing our yoga with other forms of exercise, or even eradicating some of those bad habits that we have been meaning to give up.

Detox Yoga - Physical benefits of Yoga Yoga and addictions

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

One of the best side effects of taking up yoga is that it often motivates us to drink more water and to eat a healthier diet. The importance of keeping well hydrated becomes more apparent when we start exercising, and it is a habit that we often carry over into our everyday lives. Drinking more water can help to stay healthy and cleanse our bodies. We may also start to think more about what we eat. If we want to make the most of our yoga sessions and start improving our abilities, we need to eat well. We might start craving a more nutritious, protein rich diet that will give us the energy and nutrition we need to build stronger bodies, or simply wanting to extend our new, healthier, attitude to our diet.

Detox Yoga - Physical benefits of Yoga Yoga and addictions

As well as giving up the less healthy parts of our diet, we might also be motivated to make the most of our improving fitness by detoxing and eliminating some of our other harmful habits. When you start to take better care of your body, you often gain the motivation you need to give up, or at least to reduce your consumption of, addictive substances such as tobacco and alcohol that are counteracting all of your efforts in class. The importance of breathing in yoga can make it a particularly good incentive to give up smoking, but yoga can also motivate you to give up other addictive substances. In fact, the focus and relaxation techniques that you learn from yoga can prove to be useful if your original goal was to recover from addiction. Some people take up yoga and then give up their bad habits, while others take up yoga because they are trying to cope with an addiction. Yoga is even being encouraged in some rehab programs to help people to develop a healthier mindset.

A Healthy Mind and Body

Giving us the motivation to take care of our bodies and to get rid of those toxic habits that have been holding us back is not the only way in which yoga can change our outlook on life. Yoga has also been proven to have some great mood-boosting abilities that can help to improve our mental wellbeing as much as our physical health. As well as helping us to overcome harmful habits and addictions, yoga can help us to cope with problems such as depression, stress and anxiety.
What sets yoga apart from other forms of exercise is that it can help you to achieve much more than physical fitness. Practicing yoga can help to make you feel happier and more relaxed. It can make your body stronger and suppler, and it can inspire you to start living a healthier lifestyle. The way that you approach life can change when you take up yoga and start to listen to what your mind and body really need.

By Jennifer Byers


Further Information:

1. A Guide to Yoga from the NHS
2. Exercise helps you diet- if it’s the right kind, The Guardian
3. NHS advice on Food and drinks for sport
4. Freedom from Addiction, The Yoga Journal
5. Yoga Protects the Brain from Depression, The Telegraph
6. Spirituality and Mental Health, advice from the Royal College of Psychiatrists

New life resolution 

Take time for myself

Realign this body machine

Control my mind and its emotions

Enjoy the flow of my breath

Healing Yoga @ Holistic Clinic Brighton

This week Mudra – Prana Mudra Life Mudra

Mudra signifies gesture or even a symbol. Gesture can effectively engages and influences the body and mind  by bending, crossing, extending or touching the fingers with others fingers.

How to do Prana Mudra :  place the tips of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger together. The other fingers remain extended.

This gestures activates the root chakra, in which elemental force of human being is found.

I like to use it while practising Warrior 2 and other asanas (poses)  Its grounds me and sets my intention and integrity towards strength and courage when I need it. 

Prana Mudra generally increases vitality, reduces fatigue and nervousness.  Also improves vision. On a mental-emotional level, it increases our staying power and assertiveness, healthy self-confidence, gives us the courage to start something new and the strength to see things through (clearly structure thoughts and ideas)

The Prana Mudra combined with a conscious, slow and gentle way of breathing has the effect of being a stabilizing and calming as a secure anchor.