Raising your energetic vibration – What is your technique?


Science has confirmed that has been part of spiritual life wisdom of many cultures for thousand years. That’s an unseen energy flows through and connects all living things.

Energy is all there is! Some energetic vibrations we are familiar such as sound, light, radio waves… From a scientific perspective, the only difference between these various forms of energy are their frequency, or rate of vibration.  We are also vibrating human beings, each of our cells, atom, particles are vibrating and form or electromagnetic field.  Dr Valerie V hunt was the first to detect and record the body’s high frequency energy field and the relationship between energy field disturbances, consciousness and disease.

When I was in Indian I learnt that the world’s oldest scripture, the Rig Veda, which is thought to date back 7000 years, was underlying a force from which all things are formed.

This force or energy has diverse names Qi (Chineses), Prana (India) or Life force. This means that all things are Prana or Life force. Like a hub on the wheel of life.

Prana – Breath of life if it’s stop in the human body life stops. Prana is the connecting energy of every energetic field.


When I took my first Yoga class I realised the power of the breathing as a revelation! As a knowledge that should be available to everyone. Coming back to our breath is coming back to us, to life itself. It’s a powerful healing technique. It can be used as training for a more present life, moment to moment, to learn about ourselves, or as a technique of meditation passive or active.

A Pranayama or breath exercise is connecting with the practice of Asanas or body exercises i (the 4e and 5e aspects of Yoga in the tree of Yoga, the Asanas are the branches and Pranayama the leaves. Asana is an Art so is Yoga and Pranayma is the vital energy that leads to creation and distribution of energy.

When practice together they can free the body from disease (disturbance of ease) and regulate the vibration of each cells and  even more raise their frequencies and prevent from and disturbances to the restoration of ease in the body and all around the Aura field as remember we are all connecting. Healing or raising your vibration will help others around.

I found for myself that practicing Yoga and Pranayama transformed my life, my body and my internal energy which was pretty law some years ago.

I decided to teach Yoga and use my hands for massage and healing purposes. In other words to practice what I found there and I didn’t know yet that my life would be transformed forever and that the road or the inner travel undertaking will be full of new information and lessons learnt and yet to be.


It doesn’t mean that is easy every day I must admit, but I choose Freedom from all things I thought I knew and dive deep in the unknown of self-discovery.

I would like to invite the readers to send articles, information, tips, advises, life experiences, about raising this energy and connecting it to higher purposes. Because they are a lot of path available to it as we are all the same and yet all different.

Please send your feedback and life experiences will great to share knowledge together and make 2015 the human being cooperation’s year.




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