Monday Asana – Thunder posture – VAJRASANA

Diseased or Dis-comfort, illnesses, pains can be safely healed or even better prevented with the help of Yoga Asana.

Yogic postures are both beneficial for body and mind.  Yoga postures and regulated breathing make you move in a controlled, regulated and disciplined manner and you are experiencing comfort and stillness inside.

The posture of the day the Thunder posture and it’s variation :  benefits of Yoga healing with Yoga benefits of Yoga healing with    Yoga    DIFFICULT THUNDER POSTER


strengthens and develops the nervous system of the body making the veins flexible yet tough.

This asana counters all sorts of back pain helping to keep the elasticity of the spine.

It is considered the best posture for healing diabetes.

It is good for pancreas, improving it’s function. The regular practice of this posture will balance the acid reaction in the stomach thus invigorating the whole of the body’s digestion system.


Especially stretching and strengthening the area around the waist.

It is most beneficial for those suffering from sciatica and gout.

And ladies if performed regularly, it will maintain the colour of your hair!

Keeping the breath regular, practice this posture cautiously and with perseverance the body’s alignments will soon loosen. Clench the fist and place them open the knees.  keep the arms straight with the neck and back erect. Practice 4 rounds thirty second each.

Stay wonderful, aim true !


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