Rajadhiraja Yoga

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Rajadhiraja Yoga is the original Tantra modified for today’s society, using systematic and scientific process for the development of the body, of the mind and of the soul, leading to the total experience of the infinite. This is called “self realization”.

In the West we have come to equate the term “yoga” with yoga postures, but in fact they form only a small – albeit important – part of the whole system. In Sanskrit, yoga postures are called asanas. Asana means a “posture giving physical comfort and mental composure.” Asanas affect the glands, nerves, muscles and all the organs of the body.

There are many physical benefits: flexibility, improved respiration and circulation, the prevention and cure of diseases, etc, but the main effect is on the mind, through pressure on the endocrine glands and the subsequent balancing of the hormones secreted from those glands.

The relation between the physical body and the mind is very close, and it’s the endocrine hormones that determine one’s emotions. If the hormones are balanced, the emotions will also be balanced, facilitating concentration and meditation. But without that balance there will be tendencies of mind that distract us from deeper ideation, and despite having a sincere desire to live a constructive and fulfilling life, it may be that we are unable to because of those extroversial tendencies. We may understand that we should meditate, but if we cannot concentrate the mind it will be very difficult. So it is important to rectify the defects of the glands. Asanas help in this to a very large extent.

Rajadhirja Yoga - healing Yoga

There are more than 50,000 asanas, but only a few of those are necessary. Many asanas are named after animals, because certain animals have specialized propensities of one sought or another. For example, by doing the Peacock (Mayurasana) one develops fearlessness and a strong digestion – both characteristics of the peacock.

The tortoise can easily retract its extremities, and if one practices the Tortoise Posture (Kurmakasana) the mind can more easily be withdrawn from the external world. The Hare (Shashaungasana) puts pressure on the crown of the head and stimulates the pineal gland to produce melatonin, the hormone which gives the feeling of well-being and bliss. This is especially important in meditation.

The Shoulderstand is called Sarvaungasana in Sanskrit, meaning “whole body,” indicating its effect on the thyroid gland, which controls the whole body’s metabolism. Other asanas such as the Mountain (Parvatasana) and the Wheel (Cakrasana) are named after the physical structures they resemble.

There is even a relatively recent one (Matsyendrasana) named after the king who invented it. Asanas such as the Lotus (Padmasana), Perfect Pose (Siddhasana) and Brave Pose (Viirasana) directly place the mind in a state beneficial for meditation, so it is these meditation postures (Dhyanasanas) that we use in concentration and meditation.

Rajadhiraja Yoga - Healing Yoga Celine gamen

Dirga Pranam – Holding breath position

Mudras are similar to asanas, but usually incorporate some kind of ideation. Their effect is on the nerves and muscles rather than the glands.

Before asanas the body should be cool and calm, and this is achieved quickly and conveniently in Rajadhiraja Yoga by what is called the Half-bath. Asanas should be done on an empty – or at least not full – stomach. The room should be clean and warm, with no draught or smoke. Except for the meditation postures, asanas should not be practiced during menstruation or pregnancy. There are more guidelines to ensure that asanas are practiced without damage to the health, and they require a deeper commitment. For example, strictly speaking – with the exception of the meditation postures and a few other simple asanas such as the Cobra – vegetarianism is important, as is breathing through the left nostril, as opposed to the right, while practicing asanas. These are little-known finer points which Rajadhiraja Yoga brings to light, the reason for them being the protection of the physical and mental constitution. In general, asanas and mudras should only be practiced on the advice of a proper teacher.

Rajadhirja Yoga - healing Yoga

After practicing asanas, a skin massage should be done before lying in deep relaxation (Shavasana) for at least two minutes. The skin massage helps in the absorption of sebaceous oils that are naturally secreted onto the skin surface. This increases the suppleness and glamour of the skin, as well as relaxing the nerves, increasing the blood and lymph circulation, and harmonizing the energy (pranah) of the body. Deep relaxation gives the body a chance to assimilate the positive energy gained from the asanas. It also relieves stress, lowers the blood pressure, and decreases the need for sleep.

Yoga means to unite. In the west, for the last couple of years, we have seen yoga literally explode and you can find almost more yoga teachers than yoga practitioners in the big cities around the world today. Unfortunately, we have peeled off a lot of what is actually yoga and embraced only a very small part of yoga which suited our society, culture and mindset.

But yoga does not only consist of a number of physical postures and is not only a physical and mental practice. Yoga is a way of relating to life. Yoga is 24 hours a day. Yoga is about becoming a conscious human being.

The final goal of yoga is to experience oneself as part of everything and in no way separated from the rest of creation. In that state, you experience infinite happiness, total stillness and you know that you are unconditionally loved, always.

Rajadhiraja yoga and is sometimes called Ashtaungika Tantrika Yoga. It is based in Patanjalis system of Ashtaunga Yoga.

Ashtaunga yoga means eight limbs of yoga and includes ethical guidelines (yama and niyama), physical postures (asanas), withdrawal techniques of the mind, concentration practices, breath exercises, yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and also a practice of complete enlightenment.

The poses are similar to those that are practiced in Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Iyengar yoga and other styles of yoga. The difference in Rajadhiraja yoga is that the poses are repeated several times, usually for four or eight times and that you hold your breath for about eight seconds in each pose.

This makes the asana work deep on nerves and glands and leads to a release of energy which makes you feel relaxed, calm and at the same time filled with lots of energy after a yoga session. It also creates an effect that stays with you, long after the yoga session is over. In Rajadhiraja yoga the practice is calm and contemplative and gives you more energy and increased consciousness.

Every session is always concluded with a self massage which work to help the lymphatic flow in our bodies. During asana practice our sebaceous glands produce a fine secretion, this is very beneficial to gently rub back into the skin. It is also just a beautiful thing to get in touch with every part of your body after a session.

It doesnt matter how flexible you are and the goal of yoga is not to become flexible or get a beautiful body. When we practice yoga we focus on finding harmony between our breath, movement and intention and how they flow together. We try to become conscious of ourselves. The most important in yoga is to be present in body and mind. You just need to be what you are right now. Nothing else is needed.

Benefits  : Yoga effects the endocrine glandular system which leads to a balanced hormone production. This in turn, affects our cakras and it all leads to good health for both body and mind. Body and mind is touched on a deep level through the combination of movement, breath and intention.

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